Educational childcare services have six objectives: welcoming children and meeting their needs, ensuring their health, safety and well-being, promoting the equality of chances, contributing to their socialization, providing support to their parents and finally, facilitating their entry into school. For its part, the educational program has four objectives: ensuring children high-quality childcare services, serving as a reference tool for individuals working in a childcare setting, fostering greater consistency between these various settings and finally, promoting the continuity of all the interventions made with families and with young children.
A high-quality childcare establishment is one that is capable of recognizing the needs of children and meeting them. It is also an establishment that intervenes with children by taking into account their level of development. Moreover, it is one or more adults who team up with the parents of the children attending the childcare establishment. There are four main dimensions of a high-quality childcare establishment: • the quality of the interactions between the childcare personnel or home childcare providers and children; • the quality of the interactions between the childcare personnel or home childcare providers and parents; • the structuring and layout of the premises; • the structuring and diversity of the activities offered to children. This educational program begins by defining the foundations, principles and values underlying the actions and interventions of Québec’s educational childcare establishments, gives them meaning and ensures their quality. It goes on to establish guidelines to support educational childcare establishments in the putting in place of optimal living and development conditions that will be offered to children attending these establishments.

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